Scott Kincaid has always believed in the people of Flint.  That's why he's worked so hard as an elected official to make sure Flint city government works for the people. He's fought against the Emergency Manager's obscene 35% water rate hikes so residents can get the refund of up to $1000 they deserve.



Scott personally paid for a lawsuit against Flint's Emergency Manager over an obscene 35% water rate increase. This successful suit could result in city residents getting refunds of up to $1000.

Scott's fight against the destructive decisions of the state imposed Emergency Managers is only one example of how he will work for the citizens of Flint.

making our streets safer

 Scott supports the fire department and the police department. He believes in increasing public safety by getting more police officers on the streets and fewer officers driving around elected officials.


Scott plans to fix city government by working with the city council and holding regularly scheduled neighborhood office hours to hear from residents directly. Scott believes that the Flint mayor works for the citizens of Flint and should be accessible to them.


Scott Kincaid is a proud lifelong resident of Flint.  

After graduating from Flint Southwestern High School, Scott was drafted and served in the U.S. Army from 1972 until his honorable discharge in 1974. Returning home to Flint, Scott hired in at Fisher Body #1 where he worked as a Tool and Die Maker. When Fisher Body #1 closed, Scott began to work at the UAW regional office in Flint where he helped UAW members with securing fair contracts, finding jobs, and healthcare. His passion for Flint and desire to help his neighbors led him to run for Flint City Council in 1985, a position he has held for the last 32 years.

While on the Flint City Council, Scott has developed a reputation of working hard to resolve resident issues, being supportive of public safety, and working with others to make sure the city provides the best services it can. An example of Scott’s work to resolve issues for city residents is the lawsuit he brought against Flint’s Emergency Manager over the obscene water rate increase of 35%. This successful lawsuit could result in refunds to residents of up to $1000.  

Scott with his grandsons Ryan (on the left) and Kobe (on the right).

Scott with his grandsons Ryan (on the left) and Kobe (on the right).

Scott has worked hard securing additional funds for the Flint fire department for badly needed equipment and fought to get more police officers on the street (instead of driving around elected officials). Scott also led the fight against giving Flint tax dollars to a corrupt garbage collection company; instead, fighting for a company committed to actually hiring Flint workers.

Scott has been married to his high school sweetheart, Betty, for over 40 years. They still live in the same house that Scott bought in 1970. Together they have two children, Derrick and Justin, as well as three grandchildren, Kobe, Ryan and Brenden.

Scott Kincaid enters Flint mayoral race >>

The field of candidates putting their hat in the ring for Flint's mayoral recall election in November grew by one as current city council member Scott Kincaid officially entered the race. Kincaid made the announcement at the UAW Labor Celebration in Flint...

SEPT 4, 2017

Lawsuit says Flint illegally charged for water since 2006, seeks millions >>

Councilman Scott Kincaid and other city residents filed an amended complaint Wednesday, July 6, in their 2012 lawsuit against the city. In the amended complaint, Kincaid and his attorney, Valdemar Washington, argue the city illegally charged residents for water from July 3, 2006, to June 30, 2012...

JULY 6, 2016

Flint City Council passes balanced budget >>

Scott Kincaid, Chair of the council's Finance Committee, says those funds are coming out of the $165 million allocated to Flint in next year's state budget. "It's funding for additional piping that we may need and additional cost for water from the Great Lakes Water Authority," said Kincaid...

JUNE 9, 2016

Flint City Council members don't like budget plan which cuts police officers and firefighters >>

Council President Scott Kincaid credits the chiefs with trying to do the same with less. “I think that in the end, it still has an impact on service,” said Kincaid, who suggested the city could save some money by reducing the hours of operation of the city lockup...

MAY 28, 2014


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